Wearing The Claddagh Ring

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wearing claddagh ring

Wearing the Claddagh ring has different meanings. Every culture has its own way of displaying love; the Claddagh is a ring with Irish roots. It’s composed of two hands illustrating friendship, a heart that symbolises everlasting and true love and finally a crown to represent loyalty and devotion.

Friendship, Love, Loyalty the very essence of a beautiful relationship.

Learn how to wear this beautiful ring in different ways,  whether you wear it as an elegant accessory or if you’re looking for some advice on expressing your feelings.

Wearing a Claddagh Ring Before Marriage

Wearing the ring on the ring finger of your right hand means that you are romantically inclined but not yet engaged or wedded to anyone.


Wearing the ring with the heart facing outwards shows that you’re single. The crown pointing towards your finger will indicate your heart is open and ready to find love.

wedding claddagh ring


When you find someone special and committed to dating them, leave the ring on your right hand but turn the ring so the heart points towards your hand. This shows you’re currently unavailable but not married yet.

wear claddagh ring

Wearing a Claddagh Ring After Engagement


Wearing a ring on the fourth finger of your left hand is a sign that you’re engaged or married in many cultures. Irish culture has adopted the tradition; wearing a Claddagh ring on this finger means you have found “the one”.


Wearing the ring with the heart facing out shows that you’re engaged but haven’t taken vows yet.  You can use the Claddagh ring as an engagement ring.


When you wear the Claddagh ring with the heart facing your heart, this symbolises your marriage. Many Irish people wear the Claddagh Ring as a wedding band.

claddagh ring meaning

Find your meaning

The Claddagh ring is a symbol of Irish heritage. For instance, many people connected to Ireland wear the Claddagh ring as a symbol of their Irish heritage rather than a romantic status with another person. Some will wear it on jewellery, like earrings and pendants, simply for the design. Claddagh rings are perfect for those looking to make a meaningful gift, no matter what the relationship. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a gift celebrating friendship, the Claddagh has a profound significance to those who choose to wear and cherish it.

claddagh ring
Our Irish gold is solid and pure mined exclusively in Ireland. You can recognise it for its distinctive rose gold colour.

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A touch of Celtic-inspired heritage piece. The Claddagh symbolises love, loyalty, friendship, and a connection to the Irish heritage. We crafted our Claddagh Collection with love in Ireland from sterling silver and Irish rose gold. People worldwide wear it as a symbol of their Irish roots as a special link with Irish culture.


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