The Ardagh Chalice and the Beauty of Irish Heritage

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Discover the Beauty of Irish Heritage: The Ardagh Chalice Inspires House of Lor's ARDA Jewellery Collection

For our Arda jewellery collection, we have sought inspiration from our nation’s wealth of culture and Irish heritage. The overriding objective in creating this collection was to create something new which was both sophisticated and contemporary.

This jewellery collection is made in sterling silver with Irish Gold on the boss in every design. Let us have a look at this beautiful jewellery and the story behind it.

The intricate design around the Ardagh Chalice is the design inspiration for the House of Lor ARDA Collection. The Ardagh Chalice represents a high point in early medieval craftsmanship.

The Ardagh Chalice is one of the greatest treasures of the early Irish Church. It is a world-renowned masterpiece of early Christian metalwork. It is part of a hoard of objects found in the 19th century by a young man digging for potatoes near Ardagh, Co. Limerick. It was used for dispensing Eucharistic wine during the celebration of Mass. The form of the chalice recalls late Roman tableware, but the method of construction is Irish.

Ardagh chalice
The Ardagh Chalice

The Ardagh Chalice is made of silver and decorated with gold filigree, enamel, and glass beads. It stands 17.8 cm tall and consists of two main parts.

The bowl and foot of the chalice are made of spun silver. The bowl’s outer side is decorated with applied gold, silver, glass, amber, and enamel ornament. The underside of the foot is also highly decorated and contains a polished rock crystal at the centre.

The bowl is attached to the stem and foot by a bronze pin. The names of the eleven apostles and St. Paul are inscribed below the gold filigree band and studs encircling the bowl. The letters are seen against a stippled background. Incised animal decoration can also be seen below two handle escutcheons, decorated with elaborate glass studs and filigree panels.

The Ardagh Chalice represents a high point in early medieval craftsmanship. It is housed in the National Museum of Ireland for everyone to marvel at and enjoy.

Authentic Irish Gold and Contemporary Design Come Together in a Stunning Collection

The intricate design around the Ardagh Chalice is at the very heart of the House of Lor ARDA Collection.

Each piece in the ARDA collection is designed to be a unique and meaningful representation of Ireland’s cultural heritage. The collection includes a range of stunning jewellery pieces, including rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. Each design is carefully crafted with attention to detail, incorporating the intricate patterns and designs of the Ardagh Chalice in a modern and stylish way.

shield rings for men
Arda men rings.

Our sustainable Gold is mined and crafted in Ireland. Celebrating the rich history and culture of Ireland in each design. House of Lor takes inspiration from our glorious past. We are proud to offer the only jewellery collection in the world made using rare Irish gold in every piece.

Our jewellery is authenticated and hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, which ensures its distinctly Irish providence. Your independent guarantee that your purchase is certified and it is an assurance of the quality of the materials used in your purchase.

Behind every piece is a story.

What will yours be?


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