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Irish design edit

Ireland is a land of great craftsmanship and design, home to many amazing brands. House of Lor’s Irish Design Edit shines a light on talented brands from across all industries so you can see what wonders await right here on the Emerald Isle.

Ireland is synonymous with beautiful craft and design in a range of sectors but particularly in Jewellery and textiles. A report by Indecon Consulting found that the craft sector – which includes pottery, glass, jewellery, textiles and furniture – is worth almost €500 million to the Irish economy, and employs an estimated 5,800 people.

Jewellery making has been a part of Irish culture since the Bronze Age.

The Celts used bronze and gold as well as iron. The heads of a tribe would wear decorative jewellery to denote their power. The Celtic craftsmen appreciated symmetrical designs and patterns.

The historical tradition of Irish metalwork began in the Irish Bronze Age (c.3500-1100 BCE). Irish craftsmen produced a range of designs in Bronze, copper and gold, the most well-known being the intricate torque (torc) jewellery design. Still popular today!

Where Folklore and Fashion meet

Celtic craftsmanship in metals continued to develop in the early Christian period (c.500-900 CE), producing such masterpieces as the Tara Brooch, the Ardagh Chalice and the processional crosses like the great 12th century Cross of Con. All of these artworks can be seen at the National Museum of Ireland (NMI) in Dublin. Irish skills, imagination and creativity, can be seen in Irish Tweed, Linen, Wool and Leather designs across the island of Ireland.

Ireland’s rich history of craftsmanship and design is the initiative behind the Irish Design Edit.

We showcase House of Lor alongside other Irish brands from the textile sector to show the rich diversity and talent available here in Ireland. We hope you are inspired by Ireland’s rich culture, beauty, creativity and traditions. This is our first Irish Design Edit of many to come!

Irish design

About Una Burke

Úna Burke leather designs are crafted to be timeless and elegant, catering for those individuals craving something different while remaining true enough so it will never go out of style. The handmade nature makes each piece unique. Made in her atelier in the West of Ireland, sourcing the best materials. Learn more about her.

About House of Lor

House of Lor is the first brand to offer pure Irish gold jewellery at the heart of every design. Our brand represents folklore, and we use it as a foundation for modern, confident fashion that can be worn by anyone anywhere – all designed and handcrafted right here in Ireland. Read our story.

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