How to choose the right Necklace for you

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How to Choose the Right Necklace for You

When buying a new necklace or a pendant, one of the first questions you need to answer is “How long should it be?”. There are many different standard necklace lengths that you can choose from. But still … which is one to choose?

Choosing a size can be a personal preference; however, sometimes, choosing the correct size will help you frame your face and really add to your outfit. To help with this decision, check out the below tables to help find the perfect length for you.

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The shape of Your Face

The shape of your face also comes into play when choosing the best length for a necklace or pendant.

If you are blessed with an oval-shaped face, you can wear all different lengths of necklaces or pendants. If your face is heart-shaped, then you are best to stick with the shorter lengths like Collar of Choker. 25-40cm. Rectangular shaped faces are similar to hearts in that the shorter lengths tend to suit them better. 25-40cm Round shaped faces are better suited to the longer Opera style Necklaces. 70-90cm.

Style NameLengthBody PositionBest Fit for Face Shape
Collar25-35cm (10-14”)It fits closely to your neckHeart, Oval, Rectangular
Choker / Chain / Locket / Strand40cm (16”)Lies loosely around the neckHeart, Oval
Princess45cm (18”)Hangs at the collar boneOval
Matinee50cm (20”)Reaches to just past the collar boneOval
Matinee55cm (22”)Hangs at the top of the bustOval
Matinee60cm (24”)It sits around the centre of the bustOval
Opera, Lariat, Rope71-96cm (28-38”)Drapes below the bustRound, Oval
Opera, Lariat, Rope101cm  (40”) and aboveExtends past the navelOval

Don’t forget when choosing a necklace to take the size/length of the clasp into consideration.

Download our How to Wear Necklaces and Pendants Guide

We hope this has been helpful for you when choosing your next necklace. Get ahead of the crowd and curate your Wishlist on so you know exactly what to shop for when you are ready to buy your presents. With House of Lor, you are buying a future heirloom, something you or your loved ones can treasure forever.

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