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We are so thrilled to be featured in Irish Central buy Irish section as part of a paid partnership to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

Irish Central, bringing Ireland to you

Irish Central has been at the centre of major news announcements affecting Irish people since 2009. They have served as a platform for all things related to Ireland and those who identify themselves with our beautiful country!

The team behind these pages is dedicated to not only bringing together communities across borders but also creating an online space where anyone can feel like they belong no matter where their ancestors came from or which language we speak best – English/ Irish. You can read the full article at

Pure Irish gold mined in Ireland in every piece of jewellery

House of Lor is an exclusive Irish Gold and Sterling Silver Jewellery collection. Exuding luxury, design and style, the collection has been inspired by Ireland’s rich tapestry of history culture, art and folklore. Irish Family manufacturing company, TJH Ltd. has over 65 years, of experience supplying quality and innovative jewellery. 

House of Lor Jewellery is manufactured under exclusive license from the Galantas Gold Corporation, based in Tyrone. They operate the only commercial gold mine in Ireland. House of Lor is the first and only range of Irish Jewellery made using Irish gold in every design.

Ireland has a rich, living culture drawn from its heritage and its enduring creative associations.

House Of Lor Irish Gold & Sterling Silver Jewellery Collection

Our collections live and breathe the duality of Ireland today, enhanced by ancient society’s richness: continually looking to the future whilst always honouring its past.

We invite you to journey with us through time and to explore all the symbols and stories that make Ireland unique.

Designed and crafted in Ireland, every piece from the House of Lor collection is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and bears the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office, ensuring its distinctly Irish provenance.

For stories to live, they need the hearts and minds of the listener. Bring your own story to life and express your individuality and Irish Heritage with Pure Irish Gold.

For further information and stockists, checkout

Behind every piece is a story…what will yours be?


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House Of Lor | Irish Jewellery | Pure gold from Ireland
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