8 Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

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Bridesmaid Gifts

8 Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts – Treats for the Girls

Bridesmaid Gifts? The date has been set, the invites are in the post, and the countdown is officially on! Your bridesmaids have been with you every step of the way, so why not give your gaggle of girls extra special gifts to say thank you and to remember this important occasion.  They have been with you every step of the way, give some special gifts to the girls – they deserve it! We’ve prepared 8 perfect bridesmaid gifts ideas that your girls would love.

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1. Nail Time

Hands and feet will be on show for the day (and immortalised in the photographs), so why not gift your wedding party with some mani/Pedi time! Prep is King before the red-letter day, so make sure everyone’s hands and feet are in tip-top shape! Bonus – book appointments together and make an afternoon of it; your bridesmaid will love the present!


2. Afternoon Tea

EVERYONE loves bubbles! Time with your girls is of the essence before the big day, so why not make some memories before you officially become Mr and Mrs Book a fancy afternoon tea and enjoy some fancy sambo’s, bubbles and delicious cakes. You can catch up, finalise some last-minute wedding plans, and best of all, get some valuable girl time (enjoyed in some swanky surroundings).  We think you have all earned it!



3. Memory Box

Nostalgia makes the best gifts and more for bridesmaids! You have asked them to be your right-handed women on the day, so there is BOUND to be a history to document. Why not fill some boxes with some sweet reminders of your adventures together. From the hilarious to the embarrassing to the sentimental – they will love everyone. Forget Facebook; old school is the way to go!


4. Shoes

With 101 things to do, it can sometimes be tempting to ignore the little things (we know, we know – you are swamped as is!). Why not spend a little extra on a funky pair of shoes they will DEFINITELY wear again. We’re not talking Jimmy Choo’s, just a little extra treat for all their hard work, honest advice and late-night emergency texts. They will love the extra special gift you chose for your bridesmaids!


5. Facial

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good filter – Instagram and Photoshop can help turn the fab into fantastic! Why not get your wedding party snap ready and treat them to a pre-wedding day facial, so they are at their sparkling best. Make a girly day of it and catch up on all the gossip that you might be missing due to wedding planning! Definitely, one of the most pampering bridesmaid gifts!



6. Jewellery

Think big, think bling! What girl doesn’t love a beautiful piece of jewellery to mark a special day. It’s also a beautiful keepsake and a special reminder of your friendship and wedding day. House of Lor’s stunning collection of necklaces and earrings are the perfect way to say a stylish thank you to your bridesmaids. House of or jewellery collection contains a special piece of Pure Irish Gold mined in Ireland that will mark a special moment and have a piece of Ireland inside. Explore the collection here.


7. Photo Album

Why not get creative and print off some of those wonderful memories you have made together? So much can get lost in the digital world, so get inspired and take a trip down memory lane. Why not leave the last page blank and tell them a photo of you all together on your big day will be the final photo? It’s both thoughtful and touching.


8. Dressing Up Not Down

Why not pick up some beautiful dressing gowns for the morning of the wedding? They are an essential wardrobe piece for the pre-bridesmaid dress hair and makeup, as they will feature heavily in the wedding photographs. Some pretty dressing gowns will add a unique touch to the morning of your wedding. Add champagne and giggles, and you have everything you need!


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