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Panorama - South of the Isle of Man with Celtic Cross in the Foreground

The Celtic Inspiration behind our Collection

House of Lor draws inspiration from the beautiful mythical island of Ireland. Our range of timeless jewellery is inspired by ancient Irish symbols, each piece from the collection contains a rare piece of pure Irish gold.

Irish Symbols
Mythical Ireland is filled with timeless symbolism, themes of love, loyalty, energy, wisdom and war that are still relevant today as they were back then. Irish symbolism can be traced back as far as Newgrange in Co. Meath (which is 1,000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids!)

Newgrange symbols

House of Lor is proud to use Irish symbolism throughout it’s debut collection.

The Claddagh Ring
From its humble beginnings in a small Galway village, the Claddagh has become universally recognised as a token of enduring friendship –represented by the two hands holding a crowned heart. The joining of hands, heart and crown represent a perpetual bond of friendship, love and loyalty. It is said that wearing your Claddagh ring with the heart facing inward means your heart is taken. Wearing the heart pointing outward shows the heart is open. Traditionally a ring, it is now also found as earrings and pendants. Why not collect all three pieces from House of Lor?

Claddagh Ring - House of Lor Jewellery

Trinity Knot
The simplicity of the unbroken line forming three distinctive loops, perfect in their symmetry, is one of the most enduring of Celtic motifs. It originally signified the sacred cycle of life, death and rebirth.  In the Christian manuscript it symbolises the Holy Trinity. Our beautiful Trinity Knot pendant incorporates this symbolism beautifully with a delicate hanging rose gold trinity knot made from rare Irish gold.

Trinity Life Tree
The Trinity Life Tree symbolises the patience to grow, the strength to endure and the wisdom to flourish. Our Trinity Life Tree collection contains pendants and earrings – wouldn’t that make an amazing gift for you or someone you love? What a beautiful reminder, each piece made with a piece of pure Irish gold.

The Shamrock
This small leaf is the plant emblem of Ireland. St Patrick used its three leaves to demonstrate the one God with the three aspects of the Trinity. It is a token of luck and is worn by all who are proud of their Irish heritage. The shamrock is featured throughout our collection, representing Irelands deep history, pride and beauty.


Irish Gold
House of Lor gold is mined deep in the Irish hills, fashioned over 2,000 years ago. House of Lor jewelley is a symbol of mythical Ireland, of our beautiful country and it’s past present and future.

Show your green roots by wearing gold, with a piece from the House of Lor collection.


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